James Foley’s death inspires other journalists

IMG_438214519By Beth Lawrence

James Foley often talked with aspiring journalists at Northwestern University about his experience covering conflict zones, and even after his death he is still inspiring students.

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Obama’s announcement expected to have heavy impact in Illinois

Data: The Migration Policy Institute

Data: The Migration Policy Institute

By Rachel White

If Raul Montes Jr. had his way, President Obama would have already used his executive powers to enact comprehensive immigration reform. He was anticipating, however, that the president would do that Thursday night, and would thereby help an estimated 5.2 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States.

Montes is a Chicago community activist and candidate for alderman in the 22nd Ward. He was born and raised in the community he hopes to represent after the February election.

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Dollop Coffee Co. brews up a warm atmosphere

By Joe Musso

Dollop Coffee Company started as a small independent shop on Chicago’s North side in 2005, but has had a major growth spurt in the past 22 months. Dollop now has four locations from Evanston to the South Loop. The local chain, which serves Metropolis brand coffee,  has attracted a loyal following of customers who appreciate its high-end Joe and laid-back atmosphere.

Investors cheer Best Buy’s pre-holiday earnings

Best Buy’s shares have yet to recover from a year-ago sell-off.

By Nick Kariuki

Best Buy Co. shares rose sharply Thursday after the consumer electronics retailer announced better-than-expected third-quarter earnings, ahead of the highly competitive holiday shopping season.

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Turkey Day feasting with waist-friendly foods

By Katherine Dempsey

Thanksgiving dinner comes with all the trimmings, but a tasty feast can still leave a trim waistline. Sit down to a guilt-free meal – without giving up the flavorful food. A Chicago chef and dieticians highlight ways to eat right on Turkey Day.

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Flaring up: New tool for early cancer detection


NanoFlares image courtesy of the International Institute for Nanotechnology at Northwestern University

By Sara Freund

A new tool lights up cancer cells before they can develop into a tumor. Northwestern University scientists are developing NanoFlare technology that illuminates and isolates cancerous cells in the bloodstream.

“The NanoFlare turns on a light in the cancer cells you are looking for,” said Dr. Colby Thaxton in a news release, an author of the NanoFlare study published earlier this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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